Monday 23 November 2015

Friday 13 November 2015

In the confessional

Gouache on dyed paper
76 x 59cm
copyright Alice Leach

Once a Fortnight
Gouache and acrylic on tea stained paper
75 x 60cm
copyright Alice Leach

Two pieces of flash fiction, visual poetry or prose poetry (take your pick, I'm still learning) written for Confess! an upcoming exhibition of mine at The Bowie Gallery, 54b High Street, Totnes, Devon. 20th November - 2nd December. 2015

Tuesday 19 May 2015

What do I care for your self loathing?
Pen and ink, old book page
Alice Leach
Something will break today.
Pen and ink, old book page.
Alice Leach

Thursday 2 October 2014

It's a bad question I grant you 
but maybe you could tell me.
Alice Leach

Wednesday 1 October 2014

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